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Bigger & More Tangible Savings

Smart Light Systems handles its operations equipped with the knowledge of the several advantages of an LED lighting system. Not only do LEDs reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 99%, but each individual source has a life span of approximately 50,000 hours, which equals an average of 5.7 years. These products’ longevity, unlike the frequent replacements required in incandescent lighting, contributes to lower maintenance costs. It is easy to determine the end of life of LEDs as they gradually grow dimmer rather than suddenly burn out like their incandescent counterparts. 

LED cool light technology means that no heat emanates from the light emitting source. This also preserves air quality and maintains a lower temperature, saving further on additional air conditioning costs which standard-lit environments will incur in order to stabilise indoor climates. Smart Light Systems LEDs are also more shock resistant than incandescent bulbs; this ensures their durability and makes them the ideal source for outdoor lighting, being designed to better withstand harsh weather conditions. Their very low energy consumption makes them an ideal light source to run smoothly on any installed solar panel system.

Smart Light Systems offers you an array of lighting devices which are environmentally friendly, a property which they possess from the very initial stages of their production until their end-of-life disposal. Making use of LED systems also means contributing to a safer future for our globe.

 Savings Comparison Chart 


Smart Light Systems
LED 60x60cm soffit tile

60x60cm Soffit tile


Consumption (Watts)

18 Watts

120 Watts

Replacement every (hours)

50,000 hrs

4,000 hrs

KiloWatt / hour

0.0180 KWh

0.1200 KWh

Consumption (KWH)

128.160 KWh

854.40 KWh

726.240 KWh

Total cost of consumption




Carbon emissions

112.55 Kgs

750.33 Kgs

637.78 kgs

Carbon Emissions Saved


Financial Savings over
2 Years


Consumption Saved


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