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Better Lighting

Did you know that Smart Light Systems LED bulbs emit more light per Watt than standard incandescent light bulbs, regardless of their size or shape? While their quick start-up guarantees immediate full brightness with no delays, LEDs are also easier to dim should this be a required feature. 

Smart Light Systems offers a selection of coloured LEDs which have become the obvious choice for directional lighting and other light design purposes. These directly emit the chosen colour, thus saving on additional costs for colour filters.

Ultimately, switching to Smart Light Systems LED lighting does not necessitate any changes to be made to your current light fittings. Smart Light Systems’ retro-fitting LED bulbs are designed to function within an existent lighting system, sparing any realignment expenses. As part of its service, Smart Light Systems will conduct an on-site visit on your premises to determine requirements and plan your lighting setup accordingly.


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