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After Sales Support

In view of our commitment to providing lighting solutions of the highest quality, Smart Light Systems offers ongoing after sales support to its customers. In addition to providing on-site assessment and installation services, our technicians are on standby to assist with any technical issues encountered following a purchase. We are available to carry out any required modifications to lighting systems. Smart Light products also come with a 7-month money back guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty and replacement policy in case of a defective device.*

*This warranty applies provided that the device purchased is used according to Smart Light Systems instructions.


  1. The 2-year period is based on our free replacement policy in case of a defective item (terms and conditions apply).
  2. The featured rate of electricity consumption is based on established Enemalta Corporation commercial rates (irrespective of current discount band schemes).
  3. The rate of carbon emissions is based on the carbon footprint of Maltese power plants; this information is provided by Enemalta Corporation.
  4. The above savings are made through the consumption of JUST ONE of our products.    
  5. 4 fluorescent tubes are an expense; a Smart Light Systems unit is an investment.
  6. The above is a tailor-made solution ideal for existing 60x60cm tiles in reception areas, offices, corridors, etc.
Smart Light LED systems provide the right & smarter way to light up your home or business


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